Avondale Heights

How exciting is the idea of buying a new house?!

How daunting is it when you actually start the weekend attendance of open houses with dozens of other people and hear the constant dialogue from real-estate expecting a sale at the high end of the ESR?!

How much time does a professional couple have to dedicate to property market research and attending house inspections?!

Engaging Melissa as our Buyers Advocate took away all the stress. With her exceptional intuition she understood what we needed in our new home, what we wanted in our new home, and even identified qualities we hadn’t considered.

Melissa took the time to educate us as to the state of the market from the Buyers perspective, and briefed us on the suburbs which fit both our criteria for a home and had good future financial growth potential.

It was by accident that on a weekend exploration of a river-side walking track that my partner and I stumbled across a property that took our interest. On advising Melissa she conducted an inspection and immediately started shaping the Vendors agent. Through a series of negotiations Melissa wielded her industry knowledge to secure us the property at $40 000 less than the asking price. I doubt we would have been able to negotiate with such skill and voracity as to produce this result by ourselves.

We are now settled in our new home and using another of Melissa’s contacts to complete the little renovations needed to add a personal touch to the property.

Thank you thank you thank you Melissa – the support and efforts of yourself and your team have turned our dream of a new home into a reality.


Briallan Cotten and Don Heaton


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