Whether you are renting for the first time or an established renter, you'll feel right at  home when renting with KPI.

Our Property Managers are experienced and friendly and look forward to being of service.

If you are looking to purchase a property in the near future, please feel free to contact our office to discuss our Buyer’s Advocacy service.

Ready to apply for a property?

You will need to fill out a Tenancy Application Form and provide some documents to support your application.  These will include photo ID and proof of your current address and income.  Should you have any questions, our friendly team are here to help you.


Who can live in the rental property?

The rental agreement has the names of the people listed who can live in the property on a permanent basis.  If a renter wants to move out, or a new renter move in, you will need to email rentals@kpi.net.au to advise your property manager.

Any new renter needs to be approved via the KPI rental application process before moving in. 


Rental Bond

Your rental bond will be lodged with the Residential Tenancy Bond Authority and is held as  security against any unpaid rent or damage to the property. Upon lodgement you will receive written confirmation from the Residential Tenancy Bond Authority confirming they have received your bond payment and providing you with a Bond Registration Number.

It is reassuring to know, if you meet all the conditions of your tenancy, your bond will be refunded to you promptly after the property is fully vacated and a final inspection has taken place where there are no issues to remedy e.g. damage or additional cleaning required.


Paying Rent

You are responsible for paying your rent on time.  Your payments need to reach us on or before the due date.  Your Tenancy Agreement sets out how and when your rent must be paid.

If you are having trouble paying your rent, you should notify your property manager via rentals@kpi.net.au as soon as possible.  If you rent falls into arrears, your property manager will follow the procedures set out in the Residential Tenancies Act to collect the rent for the homeowner and in some instances to obtain vacate possession of the property.


Routine  Inspections

During your tenancy, our Property Manager may inspect your property periodically after you have been given 7 days notice. This will include an inspection 3 months after your  tenancy commences and every 6 months thereafter. We will make contact with you to arrange a  convenient time.

The purpose of these inspections is to advise the owner of the condition of the property and how it is being maintained, and to allow you to advise us of any repairs or maintenance you believe  are required.


Condition Report

A Condition Report is important for both Residential Rental Provider and Renter as it establishes the condition of  the property at the start of your tenancy. At the end of your tenancy a comparison is made on  the condition of the property against that which appeared initially on the report and forms the  basis on which your bond is refunded.

Please check the Condition Report and add comments as necessary. Please note you have three (5) business days after the commencement of your tenancy to complete, sign and return your amended copy of the report to our office. If you fail to return a signed copy of this report, you forfeit your right to object if there is a disagreement at the end of your tenancy.


Pets will be considered upon application.  If you wish to have a pet live or stay with you at anytime during your tenancy you must notify your property manager so this can be discussed with the residential rental provider.


KPI® retains a duplicate key to all properties for emergency access. Locks can only be changed after you have obtained permission from your Property Manager and you would then need to  supply us with a spare set of those keys.  


Maintenance and Repairs

We aim to attend to your requests quickly. Please note in some instances we are required to obtain quotes together with the Residential Rental Providers approval, in which case there may be a short delay.

It is company procedure that all maintenance requests must be made in writing. You may make a  request via e-mail using the “maintenance request forms" provided on our website or  alternatively, by email to rentals@kpi.net.au. Please provide as much information as possible to assist our team.  

We try to inconvenience our renters in the least possible way. All renters are obliged to allow access for the maintenance works to be carried out. Any appointments made directly between our tradespeople and renters must be kept by the both parties. We have strong relationships with our tradespeople who have shown to be both trustworthy and reliable which means you can allow them to collect keys from our office if you cannot be home to provide access.

NOTE: The maintenance of the garden/grounds is the responsibility of the renter. Please ensure that the grass is kept cut and tidy, that excess paper and rubbish is removed. KPI is  environmentally conscious and would appreciate your use of the correct bins provided (land waste, recycling materials and green waste). Click here to access Online Maintenance Request .



The Residential Rental Provider's insurance cover on the property does not extend to cover your belongings. We strongly suggest you take out appropriate contents insurance to cover your belongings against fire, theft and other perils.

In the event that you, another occupier, or visitor accidentally damages the property and  rectification work is necessary, you may be required to pay any excess which could apply to the  Residential Rental Provider's insurance cover.


Termination of a Tenancy Agreement

Your tenancy agreement is a legal contract providing protection for both you and the Residential Rental Provider. If you intend to vacate at the end of your tenancy agreement, you must give 28 days notice in writing prior to vacating.  Click here to access Online Notice to Vacate.


Breaking a Tenancy Agreement

Your Tenancy Agreement is a legally binding contract.  The homeowner is not required to release you early from a fixed term agreement.

If you are having difficulty paying your rent or your personal circumstances have changed, please talk to your property manager to discuss options that be available.

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