Rent Assist® Package


Whether you're an individual, a couple or a family looking to rent a property, from a compact  studio to a rambling house, it will be our pleasure to find you the perfect home Melbourne wide.

The Rent Assist® Package offers the busy professional a fully comprehensive service, where  KPI will search for a rental property, meeting your specific criteria and negotiate the lease on  your behalf. This saves you valuable time and effort when searching for your rental  accommodation.

Who wants to waste precious time looking around real estate agencies and websites searching  for a quality property to rent? For the majority of people, life is just too hectic. It can be  particularly difficult if you are moving to Melbourne from interstate or overseas and are not  familiar with the locality. 

Our Rent Assist® package covers every aspect of the search and lease negation process. We  start off by establishing your lifestyle and accommodation requirements, and then undertake a  thorough search of the rental market to match your criteria.  The process will be explained in  detail during your consultation.


In the majority of cases the above process takes between one to two weeks depending on  individual needs, criteria and property availability within the targeted location. In some  circumstances it has taken as little as 48 hours due to our industry contacts.

Our Fees

Our fees are expanded upon during your consultation with KPI.

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