Vendor Advocacy Package

As Buyers' Advocates it has been our experience to witness many Vendors failing to achieve an  optimum sales price due to poor advice or a feeling of being pressured to sell. In order for the  Vendor to achieve the highest selling price, they need impartial and strategic advice relating to  timing, method of sale, advertising campaign and the negotiation process.

Because KPI® is totally independent with no allegiances to other organisations, clients are assured  that our company provides only genuine information to protect your interests throughout the entire  selling process. 

Let us help you choose the right agent.

We look after vendors Melbourne wide!

We will:

  • Provide you with an independent and objective opinion of value on the subject property without bias
  • Recommend the most appropriate method of sale independent of an estate agent's proposal
  • Interview prospective selling agents on your behalf. Or we can attend interviews with you, in order to recommend the appointment of an agent, who in our opinion, will conduct the sale in the most professional and accountable manner
  • Negotiate a fair and reasonable selling commission on your behalf with the selling agent
  • Advise you on how to achieve the optimal result through correct timing, advertising and presentation
  • Liaise with you throughout the marketing campaign to ensure your complete satisfaction
  • If necessary we can liaise between you and the agent

Best of all KPI’s cost is invoiced directly to the appointed selling agent and is covered within the  fee payable to the agent. The amount will be apportioned to the level of professional expertise we  bring to the marketing and negotiation process. As a guide this is usually between 30%-50% of the  agreed selling commission fee. 

 It is important to note that KPI does not accept any remuneration or incentives for referrals to any service providers.

 KPI is the most stress-free way for you to appoint a real estate agent!

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