Avondale Heights

My partner and I recently purchased a property in Avondale Heights, assisted by Melissa Opie Diamond Package Buyer Advocacy service through KPI.

While I had used Melissa’s services before, this was my partners’ first home purchase, so we had differing needs in regards to the decision making process, whilst both wanting to make a savvy investment for our future in buying our long term home.

Melissa applied herself assiduously to understanding our needs in terms of the property, our lifestyles and priorities as individuals and as a family. We were provided with up to date market information and insights, feedback on many properties and locations within our search area confirming this understanding, and we quickly crystallised our search criteria.

Buyer Advocacy enabled two extremely time poor professionals, with travel, family and extensive activities on weekends to achieve our goal. KPI maximised our available time by sending through detailed reports on listed, recently sold, and properties inspected on our behalf, with clear commentary (cutting through the real estate jargon) , to evaluate in the evenings. Melissa listened carefully to our feedback, concerns and thoughts, throughout this period of terrific communication, all the while honing her search. When the right property came up, my partner and I were calm, united, confident, organised and ready to purchase.

This is where Melissa really comes into her own, with her depth of market and procedural knowledge, advanced negotiation skills, research and preparation, attention to minutia, intuition and fierce determination to apply all of these attributes to secure a great result for us. An amazing asset to our team at such a critical time. To quote Melissa, “you’re not buying a pair of shoes!”

Melissa secured the property at price we were very happy with, with workable terms for both parties. Based on value alone, I have no hesitation in recommending KPI Buyer Advocacy service, aside from the extraordinary service, expertise and support given.

A great result and yet our journey with KPI was not quite complete, we were assisted with issues arising from a conveyancing issue from the Vendor, given a great referral for window treatments, and KPI even coordinated our final inspection.

I have recommended Melissa to my friends and family for several years, many of whom have engaged Melissa with terrific results. Should I be in a position to purchase more property, I will certainly utilise KPI’s Diamond Package Buyer Advocacy service again. I encourage you to arrange an informal meeting and discuss your needs with KPI, you’ll find good listeners and no hard sell, just great advice, support, service and results.

Best regards,


Sharon Breeze


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