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Residential Home - Montmorency

Now that I’ve finally moved house and have almost finished unpacking my belongings, I’m writing to let you know how much I’ve appreciated the services of Keyhole Property Investments (KPI) to help me buy and sell real estate in the last 6 months.

Without KPI’s searching for the ideal property, which I think you found in the wonderful place I’m now in, I’d probably still be on the web looking through!

Particularly, I want to thank you for the advice on a suitable amount to bid for my new home. I feel that without that excellent advice, I’d also be still looking around trying to work out what to bid to secure a property under this ‘Sale by Set Date’ system.

KPI’s assistance in selling Kent Street made a huge difference to the stress I was feeling after I’d just bought (and also changed jobs). Your selecting and negotiating with the real estate agent, organising Victoria’s assistance to improve the appearance of my place, finding somewhere I could store excess stuff not to mention someone to clean windows and tidy up the yard took a huge load off my stress levels during that time.

I’ve told all my friends about the benefits of obtaining KPI expertise to help reduce the stress of real estate negotiations. Thank you very much and best wishes for the future.

Ruth Parslow

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