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Residential Property - Northcote

Melissa helped my partner and I find a rental property in Northcote when we first moved to Melbourne. She was fantastic and made things so easy for us. We gave her an outline of things that were important to us, and she then provided several options in good suburbs for us. We finally settled in Northcote and really loved the area. After a couple of years we decided to buy and of course we thought immediately of Melissa. We gave her an outline of what we'd be interested in purchasing, and also flagged a property that we thought might work for us but was going to auction. After reviewing a few options with her we decided to proceed with the property that was going to auction. Melissa talked to us about our strategy and what budget we were prepared to spend as there would be renovations required to get the property up to a standard we were happy with. She managed to negotiate with the sellers a price that was below what we were prepared to spend and secure the property for us before the auction date. Since then the property has substantially grown in value and the area has continued to be fantastic from a lifestyle perspective.

I would recommend Melissa to anyone looking to purchase a property anywhere in Melbourne. She has great knowledge of the market and her investment recommendations have demonstrated very strong returns over the years.

Catherine Baxter


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