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Investment Property - South Yarra

... Thank you for finding and securing a wonderful  apartment in Tivoli Road. 

It is the right property in the right street in the  right suburb. You illustrated your solid  understanding of what people like by matching us  to the characteristics of various suburbs and  ended up identifying a perfect place somewhere  we may not even have looked. 

Your passion for property is contagious, and  shows in your enthusiasm for all steps in the process. Your attention to detail ensured that we avoided  making some costly mistakes and that every "i" was dotted and "t" crossed. 

This property will make such an excellent investment in the long term. The beautiful surrounds will  ensure we can always attract quality tenants. There is also the opportunity to make some quick  improvements (some of which the seller was crazy not to fix before listing). In the meantime, it will be a  great place to live.

Thanks to your negotiation skills we were able to acquire the property $12,000 below the start of the  quote range. The purchase price was far lower than where I would have commenced the negotiation  process let alone finish. I have previously bought and sold properties and in similar circumstances would  have been lead by the other agent; however your guidance and insistence to start low and stay firm on  our offer resulted in substantial savings. 

It was eye opening to watch your strategies first hand to secure a low price. It really does show that  some real estate agents only want the quickest and easiest commission possible, not the highest price  for sellers. 

I will definitely never use another agent in Melbourne, and will ensure that many of my friends utilise  your services as well. 

Here's to the first of many! 

John and Angela Anderton 

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