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Residential Property - Ascot Vale

 … Melissa, we are so glad that we got to see first hand your skills and  presence at a recent auction, which was a property we would have loved to  purchase, however was out of our price range. After seeing you purchase  that property for your clients it was obvious to us that you worked  extremely hard for your clients and they were tremendously happy with the  purchase. We couldn't stop talking about you, we were immediately  impressed with your confidence and professionalism and the way that you  took control of that auction with your bidding style which intimidated other  potential bidders. 

Buying Real Estate starts off fun, but once you start dealing with unethical Real Estate Agents on a  regular basis, you realise how hard it is to trust even the good agents. So you start questioning all the  information that is given to you. That’s why when we engaged you to purchase a property for us in 'The  Parade' Ascot Vale, all our concerns about dealing with Agents and playing mind games were gone. It was  a huge weight off our shoulders, I can't explain in words how we were feeling, but what I can say, is I  knew you would purchase the property for us. 

From our first meeting, we felt totally confident and comfortable with you knowing that you would be looking after our best interests. During the weeks leading up to the auction of our chosen property, we were able to gain an incredible amount of knowledge from you regarding all aspects of buying into property and dealing with Real Estate Agents. 

On the day of the auction you did an excellent job ensuring that the property would be passed in to us.  From there, you went to work negotiating the best possible deal. It was great to have you working on  our side; you protected us from the Real Estate Agents, guided us with our decisions, and successfully  purchased the property which we are so excited about. 

There is an old saying 'You have to spend money to make money', and by appointing you to act on our  behalf in securing our ‘new home’, there is no doubt you saved us money as we purchased at a fair price  well within the range we had agreed, not an emotional price. Our family and friends who were at the  auction, were so impressed with you, and the way you went about your business, which just highlighted  to us that we had made the right decision in appointing you.

Thanks for accepting to work for us, and for being part of our next chapter in life. We have not only been  able to find a mentor in you, but also a friend. 

We look forward to working with you again, when we make our next purchase. 

Jamie O'Meara & Hayley Salter
Product Manager – Health Information Manager

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