Caulfield North

Vendor Advocacy Package 

Residential Home - Caulfield North

We write to confirm that we have known Melissa Opie for over the last 10 years.

Melissa assisted me professionally as a Buyers Advocate to purchase a blue ribbon period home property in Essendon in 2005, I appreciated her efforts in securing this property that has done very well YTD.

Melissa also assisted also us on a 7x luxury apartment development complex in Caulfield North as our Vendor’s Advocate in achieving a successful sale and again with the best of service.

Melissa does and always works for the client be it as a Vendor Advocate or Buyer Advocate and delivers her best result beyond what is required by all.

I recently saw Melissa Opie at an event and I recognise and support her endeavours and much successes in her business so far.

It’s a testament of her service qualities, well done Melissa.

Elias Elia
Trisand Pty Ltd

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