Auction Representation Package

Are you interested in a property going to auction or sick of bidding without success? Auctions are exciting, nerve racking and often difficult to negotiate, particularly if the property has been passed in and you are caught up with your emotions not understanding all the tactics of the sales agent.

Having purchased hundreds of properties at onsite auctions all over Melbourne as well as by virtual zoom auctions during lockdowns we have seen it all.  With our expertise in your corner could mean the difference between owning your home or investment property or doing it all over again possibly being priced out of your area of choice.

The KPI® Auction Bidding Package has been developed for clients that have found and assessed a property are ready to purchase but require a skilled and experienced Advocate for auction attendance, bidding and post auction negotiations because they cannot attend the auction or require professional support.

We seek your instructions in advance on the settlement terms, special conditions if any and pricing you are comfortable with.


Our Fees

Our fees are expanded upon during your consultation with KPI


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