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Are you just like me? Looking at real estate and wondering what if?

Having worked the last few years in the mining industry, I decided that it was time to sell my Melton South home and find a closer one around Melbourne’s inner suburbs to give me more lifestyle opportunities and better capital growth potential. Sounds easy right, well it is having Melissa Opie on your side. She was there from the start to help with everything needed to sell my home as my vendor advocate from choosing the bestselling agent to project managing the entire sale on my behalf whilst at the same time being on the lookout for any potential houses that were within my financial means as my buyers agent. Having her simultaneously overseeing both the sale and purchase meant that she was able to maximise my sales outcome, know my financial status and save me unnecessary stress and wasted time by educating me about the best areas to purchase for my budget.

With my position at work requiring me to be away from Melbourne for a month at a time I was a little reluctant to think that my dream home was just around the corner. Factor in Melissa not only was there positive communication set up between us via emails phone calls and photos (I am talking hundreds of photos for the properties she inspected, not one part of the property was missed.) but also trust which was imperative with such important transactions.

After a couple of months, I had my existing home sell by private sale for the price I wanted to leave the task for her find my next property. Thanks to Melissa’s tenacity and sharp negotiating skills she sourced and secured a fantastic property in Ascot Vale before it was scheduled to go to auction beating other registered buyers with her strategy. She also managed to do this so I had settlements at the same time which saved me any bridging finance. She really worked her magic!

Without Melissa, there to offer me help and support for the sale and purchase, none of this would have ever been possible. She showed a wealth of knowledge through the process which she openly shared resulting with me purchasing a fantastic property in an area that I love and all within my budget.

I would like to say a big thank you Melisa and the KPI team. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to sell or purchase property. I know that I will be using her services again soon.

Trust the reviews – Melissa and her team are amazing. You won’t be disappointed!!

Sean Butler

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